Self Love & Staying Healthy Ahead of Your Wedding Day - INTERVIEW

1. As the Queen of Nutrition and Wellbeing, what advice do you have to Bride-to-Be on the lead up to the big day.

What I want most for everyone is to have an abundance of energy to enjoy the big day and connect with loved ones wholeheartedly. You can achieve this by keeping your immune system robust which starts with great food, proper sleep and managing your weight.

So here’s a few tips for increased energy to get your through the final preparations and the big day without an energy meltdown.

Energy – the goal is constant energy levels that help you feel under control.

1. Make sure you stay well hydrated drinking 1.5L of water daily.

2. Avoid too much caffeine and try matcha green tea instead for sustained energy levels.

3. Eat 3 meals at regular intervals to keep the blood sugar levels even.

4. Add some mood boosting mango, pineapple and kale to your weekly meal planning

5. Limit alcohol intake as it is dehydrating and will zap your energy.

Immune system – the goal is to be glowing with health on the day so you can enjoy it fully.

1. Staying hydrated will keep the the toxins flushing through your system and also keeps the blood pressure in the right direction.

2. Add some immune boosting berries to your weekly shop. Blueberries and strawberries.

3. Add some more adventurous immune boosting ingredients like shiitake mushrooms loaded with vitamin D, Sharon Fruit is packed with vitamin A, Endives are loaded with vitamin C and one of the riches sources of vitamin A.

Weight management – the goal is to love your body, feel energetic and look fantastic.

Whether it’s gaining or losing weight, make sure your body is in proportion.

1. Stay hydrated daily – it lessens water retention and keeps you full.

2. Eat a balanced diet at regular intervals. Do not try fad diets, they can mess up your metabolism causing issues with bloating, digestive issues and lowered immune system.

3. Eat a variety of food providing all the protein, carbs, essential nutrients and fibre.

4. Portion control accordingly.

5. Keep caffeine and alcohol within reasonable limits.

Sleep – the goal is a restful, deep sleep so you wake up feeling raring to go!

1. Practice good sleep hygiene but going to bed and waking at similar times throughout the week, even weekends!

2. Avoid caffeine overload and limit it to 2 caffeinated drinks daily and all in the morning only.

3. Avoid too much alcohol, it plays havoc with your sleep.

4. Eat at regular intervals so your blood sugar levels are even throughout the day and NIGHT!

5. Sleep inducing foods such as cherries, olives, celery, omega rich oily fish and b-vitamin loaded rye bread.

2. Let’s talk skin, are there any foods that will help skin glow?

Whether it’s keeping the skin clear or reducing wrinkles, there’s some tips for youthful, glowing skin all over your body!

What to include:

1. Sun cream – make sure you’re using SPF 40+ on your face.

2. Stay well hydrated for clear skin and bright eyes.

3. Red and orange peppers contain collagen producing vitamin C for plump skin.

4. Avocados contain healthy fats for moisturising the skin from the inside out.

5. Walnuts are the only plant source of omega 3 which helps keep the skin moisturised.

What to exclude:

1. Avoid processed fast food containing unhealthy fats clogging up your pores.

2. Avoid excessive alcohol as it enlarges capillaries on the skin causing wrinkles.

3. Avoid direct sunlight as it burns the skin and increases the risk of skin cancer.

4. Avoid sugary sweets and chocolate that clog your digestive system causing spots.

5. Avoid going to bed with make-up on, it clogs your pores causing acne and wrinkles.

3. When is a good time to start a healthy routine for getting great results before the Big Day

Ideally, everyone should be looking after their health and wellness so they can have a long, healthy, joyous life with their new partner.

If you want to get into the best shape you can for the wedding, then start straight away or at least 3 months before the big day.

Start by goal setting what is important for your health on the day of the wedding. Is is clear skin? Weight Loss? A parent’s health?

Then set a daily plan of eating healthier, exercising, taking supplements to further your chances of reaching the goal and commit! Yes, stay committed to your goals.

4. Planning a wedding can take up a lot of time and brain power, meaning you’re on the go more than usual. What are some great snacking and eating on the go ideas.

Eating on the go means being 100% organised with all the kitchen containers and gadgets to help you transport healthy foods to and from work.

Meal plan for each week to include a healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack. Have quick healthy snacks ready to hand so you don’t grab for the crisps and chocolate.

For easy to transport snacks try rye bread with avocado, hummus and crudités of vegetables, piece of fruit, nut and seed mixes, dried fruit and homemade flapjacks and cookies with low sugar.

Make sure you’re not skipping meals as this is a sure way to have an energy crash and reach for unhealthy food and drinks to perk you back up again.

5. We love your ethos to wellbeing and nutrition, tell us a little bit more about what you’re up to this year.

I split my Nutrition consultancy between my 1-2-1 clients and Corporate Wellness Days.

My 1-2-1 clients get awesome value as I have private mentoring groups they enter after our consultation for a daily tip on how they can improve their health and wellness which keeps them totally accountable.

I adore the Corporate Wellbeing to inspire, educate and motivate everyone for success.

Plus, being a busy Mother of 2 girls (aged 21 & 18) and I’m also getting married for the second time so taking extra special care of myself, kids and fiancé.