Corporate Wellness

Barbara’s Corporate Wellbeing Programs are bespoke to each Business. There is not a “one size fits all” approach to creating wellness.

The benefits are outstanding for your business and here’s just a few:

Benefit # 1: Employee wellness programs increase healthy behavior and curb the risk of lifestyle-related disease. 

Benefit # 2: Employee wellness programs increase engagement. 

Benefit # 3: Employees want wellness programs. 

Benefit # 4: Well-being increases adaptability. 

Benefit #5: Specialized wellness programs provide a solid return on investment. 

Benefit #6: Employee wellness programs boost productivity. 

Benefit #7: Employee wellness programs could elevate company culture. 

Benefit #8: Employee wellness programs could boost market valuation. 

Benefit #9: Employee wellness programs could decrease depression. 

Benefit #10: Employee wellness programs bring employees together and build camaraderie. 

Barbara is happy to send a proposal to suit your needs and budget from a 1 day in-house Corporate Wellbeing Day to a full 1 year program.

Client Testimonial:

Gather & Gather - Mitie PLC

“Barbara created our Corporate Wellness, Healthy Eating offering at Gather & Gather that was a huge hit throughout our 300 sites across the UK. We had a wonderful uptake in healthier food options from our staff and clients that impacted engagement throughout the corporate teams. The bespoke healthy recipes, Posters creation for the office and health talks done on site where a big hit too. Barbara’s interactive, fun and informative style comes across as ultra professional yet very personable. She is highly recommended!”

Alister Richards - MD of Gather & Gather

Client Testimonial:


“Barbara gave 2 main presentations and 2 webinars and ran a 1-2-1 Nutrition “Surgery” session for individuals and team at Canon for our Wellness Week. Barbara’s knowledge was outstanding and her enthusiasm to please, help, inspire and educate our staff during our Wellness Week was amazing. Her effervescent nature just captured our staff’s attention from the first moment and her care and thoughtful manner helped our staff and teams immensely.”

Hannah - HR for Canon

Client Testimonial:

Platinum Property Partners

Barbara is our main point of call for all wellness days with our Group of companies. Her professionalism, expertise, enthusiasm and motivational manner make working with Barbara from start to finish an absolute pleasure!

Steve Bolton - CEO - Platinum Property Partner Group