Colour is a power which directly influences the soul.


Author of Rainbow Recipes & Eat To Be Fit e-book

Rainbow Recipes provides a compelling mixture of recipes, practical tips and articles to equip you to improve your diet and long-term health. 

Throughout the book I describe how to make over 70 delicious, nutritious meals and snacks, and I go into detail about which antioxidant pigments we get from different fruits and vegetables. Without getting too technical I explain how these biochemicals help in the fight against cancer, arming us against the disease in the first place or reducing its impact after it's been diagnosed. I also describe how other nutrients in the recipes play a vital role in maintaining the health of different body systems such as the heart and blood vessels, muscles and bones, nerves and the brain - all areas prone to disease if we don't follow the principles that Chris and I advocate so passionately.

Eat To Be Fit is my first e-book and based on Rainbow Recipes with updated information, recipes, blogs and inspiration.

The Barbara Approach to Nutrition


My approach to working with clients is professional and motivational.

I create a bespoke nutritional package for each client as we’re all so unique!

I can help if you’re suffering from these ailments:

  • weight issues

  • cancer

  • heart disease

  • mental health issues

  • eating disorders

  • fertility

  • diabetes

  • wanting too look and feel 10 years younger NATURALLY

  • lethargic

  • digestive tract issues like IBS, Diverticulitis, Crohns, Colitis, etc….

If you have a different ailment that isn’t list, I can potentially help so please get in touch for a free discovery chat!

My talks, demonstrations and retreats

"Barbara is an engaging, motivational and experienced speaker who can energise an audience. She brings to life her vast amount of knowledge and understanding and really can take you on a journey with her! Her talk for us was outstanding."

- Warren Munson, Chair of IoD, CEO of Inspire Accountancy, Evolve Entrepreneur, Dorset

Over the years I've been asked to talk at a variety of events and to all sorts of audiences, from small corporate gatherings, networking groups, schools and lunch clubs to large conferences, product launches and international conventions as far as Kazakstan!

While the subject matter of my talks is often serious, one thing's for sure - you'll always find my style to be positive, optimistic and inspiring.

My talks range from 20 minutes to 90 minutes and include a wide variety of health-related and business topics including:

  • Rainbow Recipes Diet

  • Ten Steps to a Healthy Diet

  • Anti-Ageing

  • Nutrition for Peak Performance

  • Charity Work: My Trek Across the Sahara

  • Women in Business

  • Entrepreneurship