Holiday Blues? Get back into a healthy regime with these tips from Barbara Cox

When returning from an amazing holiday, getting back to a healthy routine can be tough.

How to get Back On Track After Vacation

1. Drink a TON of Water

Chances are, when you come back from vacation you're a bit dehydrated. There are a few reasons for that: flying, have less access to fresh water, drink more alcohol, sitting in the sunshine.And that's why it's super important that when you get back you drink LOTS of water.

2. Load up on Greens

I know you already eat a lot of greens normally, but post-vacation, I take it to another level. We're talking leafy greens at every single meal for at least 2 –3 days. The reason:Flooding my body with nutrientsAlkalizing to my systemFiber-rich to support my digestionPacked with chlorophyll and other detoxifying mineralsHigh in plant-based proteinWhat does this look like for a typical day? Green smoothie/smoothie bowl in the morning, salad at lunch, salad or buddha bowl at dinner. It might seem boring, but trust me it really works wonders on your system!

3. Skip the Alcohol

This kind of goes without saying, but after a vacation where you’ve potentiallyconsumed a bit more alcohol than younormally would, it's time to take a little break to help thebody recalibrate.

4. Skip The Sugar

Sugar is similar. Since youprobably drank a few sugary drinks while away, try and take about 5 –7 days off from sweet treats. You canstill eating fruit,that’s great.

5. Sweat it out

Try and get a good sweat on every single day post-vacation (for a week-long period that is). Do at home workouts andget back to personal training.

6. Back to meal planning and portion control

This will help get back on track quickly and re-focus the mind

Enjoy the wonderful memories you had on holiday and you’ll fall back into a routine soon enough.

Barbara Cox