Tips for a Healthy Summer

Top Tips for a Healthy Summer

The weather has been heating up and everyone is loving the sunshine.

So here’s my “HOT” tips for a healthy summer!

1. Keep Well Hydrated

Aim to drink 2 litres daily. So, why do we need water? Here are just

a few of the many reasons:

• Water is the main component of every cell in your body - a slight deficiency can make you tired and give you headaches.

• Water keeps your digestive movements regular and helps combat constipation, reducing the bloat = great bikini hydration!

• Water is essential for healthy skin. Keep hydrated and you’re less likely to get cellulite or dark patches under your eyes.

• The best filtration water system I have found is called PURITII. This is a water bottle and filter in one. Perfect for travel and works out at £0.20p per litre of filtered water.

• SAVE £30 as the water bottle and filter are on sale for £90 (this lasts 1 year) you never need to buy bottled water at home or abroad again!

2. Enjoy Healthy Summer Skin

We’ve mentioned the link between water and skin, but a healthy diet is just as important. Here are the key nutrients and ingredients:

• Vitamin A plays a vital part in the formation of new cells. Useful sources are red peppers, spinach, broccoli and oilyfish like mackerel.

• Vitamin B2 helps keep the skin smooth. Good providers are wild rice, sunflower seeds, tuna, almonds, beans and peas.

• I use a product called Beauty Boost which is loaded with Biotin for hair and nails, Vitamin C, Vegan collagen for reducing fine lines and wrinkles and Vitamin A.

• Cost of Beauty Boost for a 30 day supply is £28.50. Great tasting, vegan collagen, hydrating, nothing artificial for youthful skin!

3. Beware of the Barbecue!

Barbecues can be great fun, but perilous, too! If you follow the pointers below, you won’t need to worry about any unhealthy consequences!

• Pre-cook your meat in the oven. This will reduce any possibility of food poisoning caused by undercooking on the barbecue.

• Don’t leave meat lying around. If you’ve cooked too much meat, cover it and get it into the fridge ASAP.

Wishing you all a super happy, healthy summer!

Remember to shop online for the Puritii water bottle and Beauty Boost and SAVE £30!


Barbara Cox