The 4 Keys to Weight Loss

The 4 Keys To Weight Loss

With over 20+ years working alongside clients achieve their weight loss goals I have seen so many fad-diets, diet pills, diet creams, diet coffee, diet tanning spray plus diet this and diet that!

I have cracked the diet code! YES – that’s a massive statement and one that I certainly stand by wholeheartedly. I’ve helped over 10 000 people lose weight and keep it off!

I’ve created The 4 Keys to Weight Loss personalised 1-2-1 coaching program to teach you step by step how to goal set, plan your meals, exercise efficiently, set up new daily routines, break old habits, cook tasty, delicious and healthy recipes and educate yourself on what a healthy lifestyle really means for long-term wellbeing.

I’ve always worked on the principle of “protect & correct”. I believe you can eat and healthy diet and live a healthy lifestyle that can protect against the diseases of civilisation (cancer, heart disease, mental health issues and diabetes). If you have one these diseases of civilisation, then you can also correct it by following some simple principles that can help to bring the body back into harmony.

So, what is the program?

The 4 Keys to Weight Loss tailors my Wheel of Wellness sections (health, fitness, family & friends, wealth, romance, personal development , environment, fun & recreation, academic studies and community. You may be thinking, what do all of these topics have to do with weight loss? Well, they do because knowledge and health go hand in hand and to finally find a lasting solution to your weight loss is about customising your solution to you suit you personally!

I’ll teach you to:

• fight food fatigue by preparing easy, tasty, balanced and nutritious meals for you and the family

• Discover ways of being smarter around food choices while eating out, shopping or at work.

• Have clarity of your weight loss vision and goals

• Think differently about your wellbeing choices through education and myth busting around weight loss and weight loss products

• Give you a 12 week template of daily breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes to fuel your busy day so you can increase your energy, productivity and look and feel 10 years younger

I’ve always had the motto “Together – Stronger – Faster” so please join my community and together we will find the answers you’re looking for to achieve your weight loss goals. Together we’re a stronger team and our community supports each other with all our goals. Together, we will get there faster and build lasting momentum for continued success.

Leverage off my passion, drive and everyday through the 12 week program I will make sure you hit your weight goals.

Barbara Cox