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Over the years, I've worked hard to curate a carefully selected array of the best wellbeing products on the market and now I am so happy to offer them to everyone: 


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34 superfoods in one hit


I was first introduced to Barbara through an investor who told me I “needed” to meet this woman. Barbara is always full of energy, inspiring and extremely knowledgable in all areas of running a business. Barbara is easy to talk to and highly competent. She has a remarkable can do attitude and helped me work through various strategy issues and planning. I found my experience working with Barbara so beneficial that I referred her to a few people I knew who were setting up their own brands
— Jessica Titcumb - Twisted Halo Drinks


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Inspired by food and health whilst living in Japan, I trained as a nutritionist and set up Nutrichef in the UK in 2004. Since then I’ve been creating healthy meal plans for busy people who want to lose weight, suffering from one of the diseases of civilisation like cancer, heart disease, mental health issues or diabetes. Or maybe you just want to maintain a healthy lifestyle or achieve fitness goals.



Entrepreneurial brands looking for a Chair-Person, Consultant or Non-Executive Directorships, that leverage a rare combination of skills and experience in business growth, consumer brand & intellectual property, development & corporate management. Delivers strategic guidance, inspiration and insight for businesses aspiring sustainable growth and needing the robust, objective eye of a committed individual like me. Ideally positioned to invest skills, passion & investment (if required) to either established or emerging companies.