The Hormone Balance Program

The Hormone Balance Program


I have created a Hormone Balance Program that is that will quickly help get you back into shape.

The Health Consultation:

The Hormone Balance Program starts with a 1-2-1 health consultation with Barbara Cox (RRP £100) by phone or skype to find our your objects and health issues. We then implement the strategy according to your goal setting objectives and monitor your progress.

I then add in the powerful nutritional products to support your hormones and alleviate your


The Nutrition Products (included)

1. Moa –(RRP £30) a powerful 36 ingredients in the liquid tonic Moa help to normalise the cortisol hormone levels that stress and inflammation play havoc with your hormones, moods and ability to lose weight!

2. OmegaQ –(RRP £55) is a the marriage of 2 powerful ingredients, Omega 3 and CoQ10 and is a powerhouse of hormone busting ingredients.

3. PowerBoost –(RRP £27) branch chain amino acids mixed with MCT -medium chain triglycerides oil to support the body in fat burn and zap your hormones into repair.

The WorkBook (included)

A) 1 Day cleanse - This cleanse is designed to kick start the body, ease the digestive system, increase vitamin and mineral content and detox the liver.

B) Goal Setting Template - to create an inspiring set of health goals for the year.

C) 150 Star Foods - This PDF is packed with 150 superfoods and explanations WHY and HOW they are good for you, can balance your hormones, can help you lose weight and can help you feel sexy & energised!

D) My 6 Weight Loss Secrets – to educate and inspire you to head down the right path of common sense, permanent weight loss.

E) Wheel of Weight Loss -I take you through the 12 areas of weight loss and motivate you with loads of hints and tips in each area to tackle your weight loss issues

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