RAWyal Honey - Organic - Raw

RAWyal Honey - Organic - Raw


ABOUT: The RAWyal Honey® was born from the desire of our customers to follow apitherapy, using the raw honey combined with raw bee pollen and more royal jelly and have a functional, therapeutic mix that would satisfy anyone’s needs.

The revitalizing proprieties of raw, mountain honey blended with the most valuable and highly nourishing food from the hive-royal jelly, along with a drop of cold pressed oil from the peel of Sicilian lemons create the best synergy to enjoy the power of raw Nature that tastes absolutely wonderful!

INGREDIENTS: 290g organic, raw, mountain honey*, 5g organic, raw, fresh royal jelly*, <1g organic cold pressed oil from Sicilian lemons*

*100% Organic ingredients

Certified by Soil Association



Note: Natural colour and texture (bits of honey crystals) is from the raw, unheated nature of the honey and royal jelly. Nothing added, GMO free, preservatives free, additives free

Suitable for vegetarians

WHO IS IT FOR? It’s food! For everyone!

Great from 1 year of age and up, start with little amount and then build up according to tolerance and age.

Please get in touch with us for a personalized dosage or apitherapeutic mix according to age, body weight and physical activity and health needs and refer to our blog for recipes suggestions.

For pregnancy and breastfeeding, please consult your healthcare practitioner before taking RAWyal Honey

A REMINDER: Do not use this product if allergic to any bee products or if you have asthma without first consulting your healthcare professional.

DIRECTIONS: 1-4 tsp/day

For apitherapy use, mix it with raw bee pollen and/or more royal jelly

STORAGE: Store in the fridge


Because royal jelly is highly perishable, it’s 100% raw, fresh living food, never pasteurised, never boiled and containing an array of friendly bacterial cultures, enzymes and co-enzymes that only resist in the fridge temperature and that are offering a natural boost to nourish and feel vibrant!

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