Love Your Body - 7 Day Body & Mind Cleanse

Love Your Body - 7 Day Body & Mind Cleanse

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This is a 7 Day guide to Loving Your Body Cleanse.

Product 1 - the workbook ONLY at £9.99

Product 2 - the workbook and 4 supplements with 15 minute call from Barbara Cox £74.99

The “cleanse” talks you through a 7 day template with ideas to “cleanse” your environment, body, mind and getting organised!

What the LOVE YOUR BODY CLEANSE info contains:

  • Daily Routine creation to incorporate : exercise, meditation, goals, vision boards, gratitude journal, juicing, healthy food, Himalayan salt baths, reading and resting!

  • The PREP stage

  • The GOAL SETTING stage

  • Day by Day routine to follow of meditation, juicing, breakfast, lunch, dinner, reading, gratitude journal and rest & relaxation

What you’ll feel after the Love Your Body Cleanse;

  • BODY - improved figure, skin tone, energy and digestion

  • MOOD - improved energy, positivity and clarity

  • MENTAL HEALTH - lift your outlook on life naturally

  • APPRECIATION - to love your body even more for how incredible it is

  • BALANCE - to create more YOU time and balance in your life with healthy habits for longevity

  • MOTIVATION - feel super kick-ass motivated with Barbara’s ideas

  • ENERGY - create constant energy and focus

  • WEIGHT-LOSS - feel leaner and firmer which reflects on the scales!

  • KNOWLEDGE - knowledge is power and this opens your mind on how to make simple changes that achieve BIG results

  • TIME - to improve productivity and effectiveness

  • SLEEP - to improve sleep, hormone balance and wake feeling energised

  • ENVIRONMENT - to improve the space and people that surround you

Once you have "purchased” - then Barbara will add you to a PRIVATE Facebook group so she can give you pointers, tips, further ideas how to use “The Cleanse” and create healthy habits.

Barbara will EMAIL the cleanse to you once “purchased” and the supplements will be mailed to you in 3-5 working days.

The Supplements INCLUDED in the “FULL” cleanse package are:

Liver Health

Digesta Enhance

Turmeric & Curcumin

Evening Primrose

Love Your Body:
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