Bee Pollen - Organic - Raw

Bee Pollen - Organic - Raw


INGREDIENTS: 100% organic raw fresh bee pollen*, nothing added, freshly collected by the beekeeper and frozen immediately to capture the health benefits of its raw state.

*100% Organic ingredients

Certified by Soil Association



Our raw bee pollen is artisanal, we don’t use any machinery or technological aid in none of the steps from the beehive to the pot, just to keep it as close as possible to nature, so don’t worry if you find any bits of flowers in your raw pot!

The raw pots are bought to you with love and care!

WHO IS IT FOR? It’s food! For everyone!
Great from 1 year of age and up, start with one single granule and then build up according to tolerance and age.

Recommended dose for adults:
If new to raw bee pollen, start with one single granule and daily build up your intake until you reach to 1-2 teaspoons a day or more. Could be taken all at once or spread up, preferably in the first part of the day, morning or afternoon.
Get in touch with us for a personalised dosage according to age, body weight, physical activity and health needs and refer to our blog for recipes suggestions.

For pregnancy and breastfeeding, please consult your healthcare practitioner before taking raw bee pollen.

A REMINDER: Do not use this product if allergic to any bee products or if you have asthma without first consulting your healthcare professional.
Suitable for vegetarians

SUGGESTIONS: Best taken first part of the day, raw bee pollen is very versatile, sprinkled onto yogurts, cereals, ice-creams, blended into smoothies or juices, water, salads or simply on its own. Always choose cold foods as its nutrients are very sensitive to heat.

STORAGE: Store in the freezer between -15 -20 degrees C
Raw bee pollen does not get frozen, it can be consumed straight from the freezer, the granules are still soft and very flavourful. Alternatively, refrigerate a portion, enough for a 3-day supply and consume it from the fridge if more convenient!

Because it’s 100% raw, fresh, living food, never processed -just as found in the beehive and containing an array of friendly bacterial cultures, enzymes and co-enzymes necessary to support all body functions and that only resist at freezer temperature!

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