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The Barbara Cox Approach to Weight Loss is a 1-2-1 weight loss transformation coaching program.

Working alongside Barbara, she will create a bespoke week by week recipe plan tailored to your weight loss needs alongside her mentoring program to ensure you hit your goals.


the Barbara Cox Approach To weight loss by award winning nutritionist barbara cox

Barbara has been a weight loss coach since 2004 and has touched the lives of over 23 000 clients. Barbara has cracked the Weight Loss code and wishes to share her secrets and help you transform your body and reach your weight loss goals.

“I’ve lost 10kg in month 1of Barbara’s program! Barbara, you’re awesome, thanks so much” love Paula Macintosh

“Barbara, you’ve finally cracked my stubborn weight loss plateau! Each week I am consistently losing weight! You’re a GENIUS!” love Sharon

The GOLD/VIP program

  • 1-2-1 nutritional consultation to create the best plan to suit your individual needs

  • Goal setting made easy with setting SMART goals together

  • Daily 1-2-1 mentoring via WhatsApp

  • uses the principles of 4 Key Areas as Barbara’s “Wheel of Wellness” which looks at 10 areas that can affect your weight

  • uses the principles of “10 Steps, 10 Years and 100 days” which sets up 10 easy Steps to look and feel 10 Years younger in 100 Days

  • 2 weeks of bespoke tasty recipes to follow for a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • Educational material/workbook sent to start your own “Nutrition Tool Box”. Education on portion control, exercise, mindset, daily choices to help improve your body to naturally lose weight and keep it off

  • you also receive a 20% OFF DISCOUNT code for purchasing products on my SHOP

    This immersion program will set you up for a lifetime of permanent weight loss and feeling and looking your very best, which you greatly DESERVE!

SILVER and BRONZE packages also available

Featured in The Daily Express newspaper January 2019

Featured in The Daily Express newspaper January 2019

As Featured in The Daily Express Newspaper

The Barbara Cox Approach to Weight Loss program was featured in the Daily Express Newspaper and continues to inspire, educate and motivate people across the globe on healthy eating, exercise, tricks and hints that motivate you to permanently lose weight and keep it off!

The Barbara Cox Approach to Weight Loss

The Barbara Cox Approach to Weight Loss

The 4 Keys to weight loss explained…..

Barbara runs through the Wheel of Wellness which has 10 sections to make sure each area of your life is in balance. Barbara tailors your program according to the findings. The next step is to go through my 10 Steps to look & feel 10 years younger, which includes your goal setting. Mindset and believing you deserve the very best for yourself is a big part of the program and daily motivation from Barbara’s 1-2-1 coaching will help your get over any stumbling blocks you may come across.

Refund Policy - There is no refunds offered on The Weight Loss Program. The effort you put in to match my effort creating and monitor the program will bring results. I will tailor, tweak and alter your plan and monitoring accordingly, therefore no refunds are necessary.

Barbara Cox - January 2019